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OSTİM Kauçuk Teknolojileri Kümelenmesi Heyeti Ziyareti

OSTİM Kauçuk Teknolojileri Kümelenmesi heyetini 7 Aralık 2018 tarihinde fabrikamızda ağırladık. Bu ziyaret kapsamında yüksek kapasite ve son teknolojiyle donatılmış karışım tesisimizi, Ar-Ge merkezimizi ve test imkanlarımızı gelen misafirlerimize tanıttık, sektörümüz ile ilgili çalışmalarımız ve şirketimizdeki gelişmeleri paylaştık. Ziyaretlerinden duyduğumuz memnuniyet yanında, günün anısı olarak tarafımıza takdim etmiş oldukları plaket nedeniyle de başta Küme Başkanı Sayın Akman Karakülah'a, değerli başkan yardımcıları ve tüm küme üyelerine şükranlarımızı iletiriz.

Tekno Kauçuk Otomotiv Sektörün de 100’üncü Ar-Ge Merkezi Olarak TescillendiIt’s our pleasure to inform that Tekno Kauçuk has been certified and registered to have its R&D Center by Ministry of Sience,Industry and Technology of Turkey. Tekno is 687th R&D Center of Turkey and 100th of Turkey’s Automotive Sector.

Our Shock and Vibration Test Center Accredited

Tekno Kauçuk’ Shock and Vibration test center located in our main factory at Gebze Industrial Zone ( GOSB) successfully finished the accreditation process according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2012 standard and achieved the accreditation certificate from Türkak.

Tekno Kaucuk attended Rubber Istanbul 2016Tekno Kauçuk attended in İstanbul Rubber 2016 . held on 24-27 November 2016 and exhibited products and services.

We Commemorated Our Founding Father (10.11.2016)"We commemorated Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Founder of Turkish Republic, who passed away 78 years ago with great respect.

Tekno Kauçuk is attending Rubber Istanbul 2016

Tekno Kaucuk is attending Rubber 2016, Istanbul 9th Rubber Industry Fair which will be organised by Tuyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. in cooperation with Rubber Association between November 24 - 27, 2016 at TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center, Buyukcekmece, Istanbul.

ADMOG'a Desteğimiz SürüyorTekno Kauçuk has the title of being the company who obtained the most stars with continuous support to ADMOG ("Do Not Throw, Rate! Boost Vocational Schools!" (ADMOG) campaign which organized under the leadership TAYSAD) and our contribution will continue this year.

Stars shows teh number of participation year of the project.

37. Vodafone Istanbul Marathon 15.11.2015

With the support of Adým Adým, this year we ran again for Turkey Spinal Cord Paralytics Association and while running we wish long ways to Spinal Cord Paralysis.

One More Approval... NBR EN 682Tekno Kauçuk's compound development activities are continuing.

We Commemorated Our Founding Father (10.11.2015)We commemorated Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Founder of Turkish Republic, who passed away 77 years ago with great respect.

Kartepe Technical and High School 11th Grade Students Visited Our Factory

Kartepe Technical and Vocational High School 11th grade students visited our factory. After lunch, our trip began introducing the company with presentations, continued factory tour and ended with a group photo. We wish success to Kartepe Technical and Industrial Vocational High School valuable students.

Bozcaada Half Marathon 09.05.2015Thank you to our marathon participants for representing our company in the best way at New Balance Bozcaada Half-Marathon.

We Joined the ARUS ClusterSetting out with the idea of "Railway systems are a national matter", the railway transportation systems manufacturers who believe that all the needs of railway transportation can be met domestically have come together with their supporting institutions and formed thefirst non-regional cluster which covers whole Anatolia named Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster. ARUS established in order to strengthen the cooperation of domestic railway sector companiesis the leading railway cluster on the Turkish market.

Happy Women's DayWith contemporary rights and freedoms acquired by the Republic, our women who have been successfully involved in all areas of life, with the opportunity to participate in restoring production and management, have played active and very important roles for our social development effort. We, who believes that any country can develop in a healthy way wihtout the efforts and contribution of women, know that the only condition for a brighter future is more women participation to our social life.

Runatolia 2015 01.03.2015 Thank you to our marathon participants for representing our company in the best way at Runatolia.

8th Traditional Information Meeting 23.01.2015

8th Traditional Information Meeting had been held on the 23rd of January 2015 in Workinn Hotel, TOSB.

Dr. Haluk Konyalı İcK Üyesi Olarak Atandı

Karışım Ürün Grubu Yönetmenimiz Dr. Haluk Konyalı 01.01.2015 itibari ile İcra Kurulu Üyesi olarak atanmıştır.

OSB Football Tournament

Football team successfully completed the TOSB Football Tournament as 3.

InovaLIG-Inovation AwardsWe awarded certificates for sharing tenth place in Innovation Strategy category of Turkey's first innovation improving program InovaLIG-The Leader of Innovation.

36. Vodafone Istanbul Marathon 16.11.2014

We ran with 23 people from Tekno Kauçuk at Eurasia Marathon. Then we had a nice breakfast for a rest. Thank you to all participants for attending :)

We Commemorated Our Founding Father (10 November 2014)We commemorated Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Founder of Turkish Republic, who passed away 76 years ago with great respect.

Buyukada Run 02.11.2014Thank you to our marathon participants for representing our company in the best way at New Balance Buyukada Run.

KTW and W270 Approvals Have Been Taken

Tekno Kauçuk has just taken approval from TZW for KTW and W270 for its EPDM compound.

Tekno Kaucuk is in the Dunya Journal 05.03.2014Compound Product Group Director Dr. Haluk Konyali explained our goals in the area of mixture in the Dunya Journal dated March 5, 2014.

7th Traditional Information Meeting 17.01.2014

7th Traditional Information Meeting had been held on the 17th of January 2014 in Workinn Hotel, TOSB.

Tekno Kaucuk Targets for 2025 17.02.2014

Tekno Kaucuk's targets for 2025 has been announced during the New Year event at recently opened WorkInn Hotel. These targets are all based on the magic number "5". After the event all staff had the possiblity to celebrate the successful last year and promising coming year.