Our Policies

With our Quality Management System, which has become a natural part of the processes by entegrating international standards, lean manufacturing principles, customer special requests and special requirements for our company;

We provide proactive solutions by listening to the customer's voice about products and technologies in accordance with our mission.

We carry out our efficiency-enhancing improvements to ensure continuity in an increasingly competitive environment and to fund improvements.

We encourage creativity with competent human resources, appropriate environment and scientific methods.

We work with lean and flexible processes that will ensure agility when responding to changing conditions.

We build long-term relationships with our stakeholders based on mutual benefit.

We follow all applicable requirements and fulfill them.

We review and continuously improve our system.

Our Company -which serves automotive, home appliances, defence and rubber industry- adopts following basic principals as policy, by sustaining enhancement of its employees’ environmental and health & safety awareness and in this sense protection of the environment and employees’ health & safety.

Our principals;

To ensure effective use of natural resources, energy and raw materials, protecting the environment,

To reduce the amount of waste and bring them to an harmless level.

To support recycling.

To ensure healthy and safe working conditions to prevent injuries and diseases, eliminate hazards,

To consider the environment, occupational health and safety issues as major subjects during investments.

To ensure their participation by consulting employees and their representatives,

To implement the legal liabilities regarding environment al and occupational safety and to improve these issues continuously.

In paralel with our vision to be the the leader in our core businesses, in order to perform actions effectively and efficiently, we will manage our laboratory in line with customer requirements, ISO/IEC 17025 standard and regulations and serve our shareholders.

We will continually improve effectiveness of the system by following technological developments as well as customer requirements.

We will continually improve efficient of the system by following technological developments as well as customer requirements.

We will provide qualified, efficient, on time, traceable, impartial, independent and reliable service with best professional and technical practice.

We hereby announce and commit that;

  • We are insulated from all kinds of commercial, financial and other internal and external pressures that could compromise the quality of work,
  • We will preserve our customers' confidential information and civil properties and will not share with third parties beyond their knowledge.
  • We will not be involved in any activity that could cast doubt on our capability, impartiality, decision making and integrity of our work.

As Tekno Kauçuk,

With the purpose of providing business continuity and the safety of critical information assets to our company and shareholders, We take necessary actions to;

  • Sustain and improve our information safety management system which was established according to ISO/IEC 27001 standart continuously,
  • Support information safety goals and princeples in line with work strategies and aims,
  • Build essential structure to specify aims and controls, including risk assesstment and risk management structure,
  • Be in line with the legal and regulatory requirements and contractual obligations,
  • Specify and implement the regulations of information safety violations, safety trainings, awereness, management of business continuity,
  • Describe general and private responsibilities for Information Safety Management including the reporting of information safety failings.

Acting according to the "Human First" principle with all the steps of our activities, we guarantee;

Not to use child labour,

Not to use forced or unwilling labour,

To ensure a healthy and a safe work environment that provides periodical trainings and responsible management for health and security conditions.

To protect the right to establish / participate trade unions and collective bargaining ,

To prohibit any types of discrimination and harassment,

To prohibit any physcial punishment, mental or physcial force and verbal abuse on diciplinary practices,

To follow legal regulations for determining working hours and volunteerism on overwork,

That the remunaration policies to be in line with minimum living standard, to explain deductions completely and not to use as punishment,

That the management system includes records for a company-wide policy on social accountability that embrace SA8000 standard and every facts of national laws, commissioning management officials, controls of subcontactors, continuous practices and corrective precautions,

To follow national and other valid laws and other accepted requirements of the company and to respect international documents and their translations,

To review this policy regularly to continuously improve considering the changes on regulations, our own ethics rules and any other company requirements,

To ensure this policy is effectively documented, applied, sustained, forwarded with an understandable format and it is accessable to top management, consultants, directors, group leaders, administrative staff including employee, covenanted employee or all personnel that represent the company in any way,

To ensure this policy is accessable to related parties in an effective format when it is required.